To help you understand the difference between the human consciousness and the Christ consciousness, here’s a list of how your life will improve when you live on the fourth dimensional Christ Consciousness, to name just a few:  

Human 3rd                               Christ 4th 
Dimensional              VS           Dimensional 
Consciousness                          Consciousness            

You cannot turn                        You mastered the art 
off your mind.                           of turning off your mind.  

You identify with                       You identify with your 
your limited self.                       Unlimited Self.  
You live in the opposites.         You live beyond the 
You either worry about             You are fully present to 
the past or future.                    the moment.

You live in fear.                         You live peacefully. 

You are afraid of change.          You welcome change.

You are self-absorbed.              You are unselfish and want
                                                  to serve others.  


Observe the self and how much you vacillate between the opposites.

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