Why Journal?

Recently I was helping a friend with rearranging his home. It was challenging because I felt there was an easier way to get things done. As the day wore on I felt more and more agitated and impatient, not only with the task at hand but also with my friend.

That evening while journaling I saw this scenario was actually a continuous issue in my life.  Through journaling I became aware of my spiritual problem of taking on too much emotional responsibility when people ask for my help.

The next day before I went back to his house, I said the “Prescription for Spiritual Alignment” and kept my new revelation in mind.  I was able to remain detached and observe my feelings, which were much less intense than the day before.

I’m grateful for this key SPIRITUAL POWER TOOL of journaling, which has so often brought my limitations to my awareness and also showed me a way out of them.

Enjoy this week’s video: You Are the Magic that Changes and Heals You!

With Love and Light,
James Ma’a
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher