Although it has been many years since my divorce, I still experience emotional triggers.  I have the blessing of raising my teenage daughter full time.  I’ve experience shortness of temper at times when there should be no reason.  Through my meditation and journaling I find these moments have nothing to do with my daughter, and actually have to do with past resentments with my ex-wife.  
As my daughter grows, she displays some similar qualities as her mother.  In order to guide her from a centered place, I need to forgive my ex so I can see my daughter clearly and not react to her as if she were her mother.  I frequently use Jane Hart’s Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions.  My experience has shown me that forgiveness is often a process. I continue to use the Seven Steps as I uncover deeper issues that weren’t in my awareness.  
Enjoy this weeks video: The Value of Forgiveness
Love and Light,
James Ma’a
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher