We are never put into circumstances which are insurmountable. Our soul is completely attuned and capable of taking the challenge on. Situations are in our life to help us evolve to a higher state of awareness.  
Action to take:  Welcome every situation or problem that comes your way with, “Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow into God consciousness.”      
                                                    ~ Jane Elizabeth

How do I free my soul to express itself? 

I began by taking an honest look back at my life to see when I felt happy, joyous, and free. I felt that surely my soul was in charge in those moments and by identifying them I could make a conscious effort to experience more of them. What jumped out at me was that the only time I truly felt happy, joyous, and free was when I was taking responsibility for my soul by taking the following actions:

  • Being of service to others
  • Learning and utilizing spiritual tools like journaling and the “Seven Steps” to heal and unveil more of who I truly was
  • Maintaining my spiritual condition by meditating and connecting with God on a soul level every day.

So this is simple & clear enough: If our heart’s desire is to be happy, joyous, and free we must make our soul evolution our first priority. 

We send a powerful message to the universe when we affirm our hearts desire by taking action & responsibility for our own Soul development every day.

With Love,

Jeff Bentley

Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher


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