What is your soul trying to teach you today?
Every day holds opportunities to learn about yourself and uncover new, spiritual understanding. Watch for those magnified instances in thought or situations that seem to stay on your mind–they are trying to show you what to discover or to release within you!
Action to take: Ask each day, “What is my soul trying to teach me today?” and be on the lookout for those people or situations that are mirroring something for you. Journal about the situation to glean the message that is trying to emerge.
~ Jane Elizabeth

One of the great things about the spiritual life is that the adventure never ends!  Your soul’s desire is to constantly move you forward, unveiling and expressing more of who you are.

If an area of your life has become stale and you are ready to grow and change—take action to create a new you!

  • Take the aspect of your life that you’re working on—a job, relationship, home, or all of the above—through the Seven Step process.  Release and be open to your highest good.
  • Be disciplined about your meditation practice to purify and align yourself with your soul’s highest expression.
  • Ask God to reveal to you your next spiritual step for your soul, which also blesses all of the souls you come in contact with.
  • BE OPEN to revelations about your life.  A signature of God revealing what is yours to do is that all of the action steps you need to take unfold before you.  Practical, clear steps that “come out of nowhere” are the hallmark of your Soul’s direction.  Sometimes change happens easily and effortlessly as you ride a wave of new energy, and sometimes it is quite the opposite–but worth the effort!
  • Move forward with an unwavering desire to do what is yours to do.  Be open to adjusting and correcting your course along the way as new information is revealed.  Always remember that God is with you and your soul is your compass guiding and expressing in its highest way.

Tap in to your soul’s desire and take action–Make Your Dreams Happen Today!

With Love,

Jeff Bentley

Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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