The spiritual journey is an adventure in change. Every time we get comfortable with our lives, divine discontent takes over. When that happens, God is giving us an opportunity to move forward in our consciousness.

The more we resist change, the harder it is to move forward. We seem stuck in old patterns of behavior and fear the unknown. When we see this happening, the answer is to quiet our minds and say to ourselves:

“I embrace the changes coming into my life
because I know my soul is wanting to express itself
in a new way and give me a new expanded consciousness.”

                                                      ~ Jane Elizabeth

Taking personal responsibility is the only way to prepare ourselves for any changes that may be in store for us in our lives, our country or our universe.

When change and the ensuing need to take responsibility seem like a heavy burden, we can remember that there is a cosmic ocean of Truth that connects us all. This connecting Truth can motivate us to dig deep and remove false beliefs, disappointments and fears. We then can see for ourselves what is working so very hard to get our attention.

Jane Hart’s video, “Universal Energy Supports Change”, can help us to understand that the Universe is within us, changing us all the time. As we accept this and get busy making the necessary adjustments inside of us, there comes a refreshing flow to our lives that makes change a welcome reality instead of a fearful threat.

Blessings for the Truth of Flow!
Michele Larson
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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