God fulfills all desires, and the greatest desire we can have is to know God. Then we can be certain that our desire will be fulfilled.
Action to take: Fan the fire of your desire for God through daily meditation and constant listening within.               
                                                    ~ Jane Elizabeth

Why Is the Spiritual Path so Important to Me?

I have always been surprised why this whole arena of my spiritual growth is so important to me.

Why do I endeavor to work as diligently and purposefully as possible to gain more spiritual understanding?

The answer is there is so much more than who I think I am or what the “world” is as I know it. This knowledge is rewarding and humbling!!

The truth is I am able to finally understand more and more who I am and who I am sure isn’t who I thought I was!!! As I move through countless pieces of what I thought was myself I am becoming an energy that I KNOW is apart of all the LOVE in the Universe and I am SOLD! This journey is very enticing but it only works if we are willing to do the work to move into another realm. It is fascinating to let go of a piece of my humanness to see it replaced with an empowerment and understanding that I would have never even imagined.

The inner journey is well worth the time and dedication to discover what is really going on. Jane Elizabeth’s video, “A Passion to Know God”, explains how our past lives and our present understanding of our life plan helps us break through our human limitations to what is really, TRUTH for all!!!

Much love for a journey well worth the work!!
Michele Larson
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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