By learning to work with the Law of Karma (cause and effect), we begin to understand that we are evolving souls. Through love and forgiveness, we free ourselves from future incarnations.
Action to take:  If there is a “soul” in your life that you have issues with, forgive them. That is the way to freedom from the Karmic Law.
                                                        ~ Jane Elizabeth
When I first began my spiritual journey I had no idea what “karma” was or any idea of what “cause and effect” really meant.  How do you make sense of all this?  As I meditated and attended Jane Elizabeth’s many classes, little by little an understanding of having past lives, reincarnation, reaping what I sowed began to seep into my consciousness until I knew that I knew this was not just my first lifetime.  It was such a relief to get understandings as to why things were happening to me this lifetime and uncover the hurts and belief systems that were holding me hostage from knowing my true Self.  It is the game-changer to spiritual freedom!
I am grateful for the understandings of my past lives and excited for the revelations to come!
My love to you,
Katherine Fields
Certified Center For Enlightenment Teacher

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