Moving into the Christ Consciousness is a gradual process that aligns you with your Whole Self. As this shift occurs in your consciousness, you begin to see, hear and experience things differently. You move out of the third dimension slowly but surely. Over time, you become fully aware of your God-Self.
Easter is here and we are prepared to raise our vibration and energy, which will move us more rapidly into the next step on our journey to wholeness.
 Action to Take:  In your daily meditation, picture yourself filled with light. This will magnetize and focus the new vibration and energy that is coming at this time of year.
                                                    ~ Jane Elizabeth
Jane Elizabeth Hart teaches that through meditation the knowledge of the universe pours in and through us, and daily meditation practices move our consciousness into a new state of beingness.  Just as Christ ascended into a new state of consciousness on Easter Sunday morning, we, too, can join in this ascending consciousness experience through our daily practice of spending time in the silence.  
My heart is open in gratitude knowing that I can access Cosmic Consciousness through the practice of meditation.
My love to you,
Katherine Fields
Certified Center For Enlightenment Teacher

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