Each soul must ascertain the truth of his being by becoming consciously aware that God resides within him. This can be done through prayer and meditation practices.  
                                                        ~ Jane Elizabeth

Many of us have found our spiritual progress blocked by an attachment to something in our lives that is toxic to our well being.

We keep reliving the same pattern day after day-centering our life around something outside us such as a person, food, mood altering substance, etc.  Over a period of time we become comfortable with our own uncomfortable yet predictable little world.

A point came in my life were I decided to move out of my personal will because I wanted to see the life (or the movie, as I like to call it) that God dreamt for my soul at the beginning of time.

I found that it was remarkably difficult to break free from the addictive life patterns I had established.  Finally, one day I had a revelation that explained a lot to me.  I wasn’t just overcoming a pattern of living from this lifetime, I was overcoming it for many lifetimes; it had been holding me captive for eons.  My ego used it as chains to bind me from the realization of what I really am—a Soul in Evolution.

I thank God for the spiritual tools of: discipline, meditation, journaling, forgiveness, and unconditional love, which have allowed me to break free from the karmic bonds of this past life pattern.

Now unfettered—I stand free to live the powerful, loving, life that has always been my soul’s desire!

Love & Light to you,

Jeff Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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