Now that we have made a commitment to work in the best interests of our soul, the process begins. Our soul is a fragment of God. Through meditation we are linking our consciousness to God consciousness–Universal Wisdom. By making this connection daily we are supporting ourselves to move quickly on the path to self realization.

Action to take:  We need to create a meditation station. A place that we can go that is calming and peaceful. This will set up the vibration and energy field which will directly enhance our God connection.
                                                  ~ Jane Elizabeth

Give your soul a gift & your consciousness a lift—take time to meditate each day!

So often when I speak with friends who are curious about meditation—they will ask; what kind of meditation do you practice?  As if there is a “secret formula” to get on the fast track to enlightenment.

I always answer this question in the same way…

There are many forms of meditation which you can practice, but I don’t think the form is what matters.

While it is wise to practice meditation which resonates with your soul–it matters not if you are standing on your head, sitting, breathing, or chanting in some particular way.

The truth is that God knows your heart and your intention, and that’s what matters.

When our strongest desire is to know God, we demonstrate that in our daily life by taking the time to do first things first–communing with God in a set time and place every day.   We send out a powerful vibration into the universe—a call which pierces to the heart of God.

When you least expect it God will answer your call, responding to you in a personal, unmistakable way, letting you know you are loved more than you can ever imagine
Love to you along the way,
Jeff Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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