There is power in unity. What might seem impossible for one of us to accomplish alone can be accomplished with amazing results when we gather together in prayer with an open mind and open heart.
                                                   ~ Jane Elizabeth

Gather around, my friends, and feel the love!

Recently my nine year old daughter asked me, “Mom, when are we going to church again, it’s been a while.”  It took my breath away. What I was really hearing from her was, “Mom, we cannot do this thing called life alone, can we please go to the place where the energy is so high and full of love that the support we get is unconditional and down right amazing!?”

Church on a Sunday, yoga class, meditation group, whatever the medium, seeking support for our Soul is one of the most powerful choices we can make. Gathering with like-minded people ignites your Soul’s passion to come forward and help you do what is yours to do with strength and courage in this lifetime. At the same time, it pulls forth that energy you have inside that innately wants to love and support others. Yes, there is power in numbers!

It reminds me of emails and Facebook posts that I frequently get from family and friends where the subject line says, “prayer request”. We all do it, because we know it works!  The energy of prayer, thought with the intention to put forth unconditional love and support, is incredible!  We are powerful be-ings!

So, yes, my sweet daughter, we will go to church on Sunday mornings with our family. I know we cannot do this alone. It is not natural to try. Jesus had 12 students, a loving mother and father, and many followers in his day…I’m pretty sure this example he set by gathering with a group of like-minded souls created one heck of a vortex of energy!

Keep smiling,

Su Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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