Every loving deed, every aspiring thought and every unselfish action supports your evolution.

Action to take: Work in the best interest of your soul.
                                                      ~ Jane Elizabeth

No matter how you define love–if you can truly define love–there are a few things for sure: Love is the most powerful of all of our emotions and it’s the most potent agent of change in the world. The impact of love on the world is far greater than fear. Why is that? Why do we resonate so much with love? Because it’s the very fabric of our Being, it’s our true essence! God IS love and we are expressions of God, thereby we ARE love. However, we don’t always remember it.

It is said we are either seeking love or giving love. When you meditate and connect with your Source, you remember that you are not separate from the love of God, because you are and always have been one with that love. There is more than enough love as it is an endless supply pouring forth. Love is pure, vibrant energy that holds the Universe together. Jane Elizabeth speaks to this further in her accompanying video “Feel the Love!”
As a songwriter who has written a few love songs, I leave you with one of my lyrics: 

“Love is how I’m born to live, from love is how I’m meant to give.” 
Sending you love and light from my soul to yours,

Tammy Joseph
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher 

Click to view featured video: “Feel the Love”