Your spiritual goal is to establish and recognize that the God within is the most important work you can do to benefit your soul’s evolution this lifetime.

Action to take: Commit to your daily spiritual practice.

                                                   ~ Jane Elizabeth

As the 2012 Summer Olympics in London wind down, the media is saying this has been the most watched Olympics of all time.  I certainly can be counted in that group of watchers, taping the events when I couldn’t watch them live.  The games have always fascinated me and bring to mind several parallels to the spiritual journey.  Jane Elizabeth has talked about this as well.

The conscious journey along the spiritual path is much like the journey of an Olympian.  It’s a road of commitment, great focus, extensive training and execution.  It’s constant practice even when you might not feel like doing it.  You must be dedicated and highly disciplined.  What keeps you going?  What keeps an Olympian training?  Desire.  For the Olympian, desire to be a part of the Olympics and to possibly win gold.  For the spiritual athlete, it’s an innate desire to know God.  Olympians are willing to train and wait for years for the possibility of a gold medal.  But truly, they are all winners anyway, just being an Olympian.  Same for the spiritual athlete … everyone wins, as we all will eventually awaken to our God-selves.  At times there is discouragement, but the soul calls out to keep going, keep expanding in consciousness, evolving in awareness and go for the gold medal, the “God medal!”  I cheer you on and envision you having the support you need along the way.  One such helpful guidebook is Jane Elizabeth’s “Spiritual Power Tools,” designed to help support your soul on its journey.

For further support, watch Jane Elizabeth’s accompanying video “A Giant Step in Awareness.”
Sending you love and light from my soul to yours,
Tammy Joseph
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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