By meditating, you connect your brain’s energy centers with your soul. There, in God, is where your guidance comes through.
Action to take: Meditate everyday to strengthen your connection to your soul’s guidance.
                                                    ~ Jane Elizabeth

Are You Prompted from Within?

For many years, my idea of being a spiritual student meant always being a “good” person: helping others, listening to their challenges, being there for them, and doing the right thing in every situation. These sound positive, right?

Yes, except that I was forgetting something: My own soul’s guidance!

My soul, like yours, is connected to the wisdom of the Universe! I was forgetting to listen to that instruction, the wisdom that comes from a much higher perspective than what my personal self could ever determine!

What defines us on our spiritual journey is not our actions, but what we are acting upon: The third dimensional thought of what is “right” or “wrong”? Or, the inner prompting that shows us how to act in spite of what our past conditioning might dictate.

Where does your inspiration originate? Listen within and find out!

With love for your journey,

Lynn Barrette
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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