Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How were your spiritual practices this week? Thank you for your emails, sharing with me your questions and experiences!

This week, I have a new picture for you: the Door of God Consciousness.

Many spiritual students have asked me why the journey is so slow, and why our healing and awakening happen so gradually. In this week’s video, I explain why the gradual process is necessary: you can only take in so much of the God Consciousness at one time!

The spiritual work that you do gives you “peeks” behind the door–a little taste from God of what is there, to keep your desire burning for more. To get through the door means accepting your spiritual responsibilities given to you in this lifetime, and letting go of your idea of what being God Conscious really means.

Do you want to walk through that door? Or, are you comfortable with the bit of knowledge you have today? It takes courage and perseverance. There is a lot of work to do. You receive an amount of information–that “peek” behind the door–and you have to work with it, and learn to use it for your awakening. Then you get the next piece of information.

This is the process. There are many doors of God Consciousness to walk through. Are you willing to give up the self–your finite intelligence–to see what is behind the Door of Life?

My job is to support you in walking through that door. Email me if you need support.

With my Infinite Love,

Jane Elizabeth