Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I am so happy to be sharing with you more about a new concept that I have introduced to you before, but I am really spelling it out for you in this video: Soul Involution.

As each life has passed, you have made choices as to what skills and talents you wanted to develop. You went into each life working on those abilities, and working on karmic relationships as well. At the end of each life, you evaluated your life, as we have talked about before, and made new decisions for your next lifetime. This is Soul Evolution—evolving into a more conscious human being.

When your soul becomes tired of this world, its ups and downs, its temporary satisfactions and many dissatisfactions, you become aware that you want more, that there is something you need to do. You realize you need to be going within for your answers. When you are spiritually strong and committed enough, you come into your life well-prepared and greatly supported to turn within and awaken to your Self in God. then you begin the process of Soul Involution.

Listen to the information in this video and see what resonates with you. Email me and tell me what has prepared you for your Soul Involution.

You have my love and support always. I am here for you, Soul Involutionists!

With all my Love,

Jane Elizabeth