Beloved Soul in Evolution,

These next forty days are a very important forty days, from now until Easter. This is the time Jesus left his group and went up into the mountains. He spent these forty days in prayer and meditation to prepare himself for his mission. It was during this period he moved into God-consciousness and raised his vibrations and his energies to prepare himself for his mighty mission.

You, too, can prepare yourself during these next forty days because there is a vibration and energy here right now for us to go into that space on a daily basis. For the next forty days you can to connect with that higher vibration because the same energy is here for us that was here for Jesus, and it is much stronger now than it was back then.

What can you do for forty days that will support your higher self? I do not want you to give up something you do not like, rather, I want you to do something everyday that will support yourself spiritually. Maybe it is meditating an extra fifteen minutes everyday. Maybe it is spending more time journaling.

As you watch my video this week, ask yourself what you can commit to, then take time daily to consciously move into that space — that space which is available to each and every one of you. Email me and let me know what spiritual commitment you are making for Lent so that I can hold you in light throughout the next 40 days. At the end of the 40 days, you will experience yourself with a higher energy and greater understanding.

You are being supported by the cosmic energy of the universe.

With loving support for your soul’s awakening,

Jane Elizabeth