Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Thank you for your spiritual commitments for Lent that you sent me. I am holding them in my heart in support of your spiritual awakening during these weeks before Easter.

In this week’s video lesson, I talk about one of my favorite Spiritual Power Tools: the Spiritual Thermometer. We are climbing a ladder of spiritual growth, one rung at a time. The Spiritual Thermometer helps us monitor where we are at any time of the day. Use it this week, and watch how much more quickly you can catch yourself going below the “5”, and then realigning yourself with your spiritual goal.

Another way to support your soul’s evolution is to connect your free will with this vibration that is coming through to lift us to a higher level of consciousness by Easter. God’s will is to awaken us, and that is a journey worth taking!

I love talking about how to connect our wills to the will of God! Watch the video and catch the excitement with me! Share this with your beloveds, as I am sharing this with mine—you! Email any questions or experiences you’d like to share with me. I love hearing from you, and it allows me to support you more in return!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth