Beloved Soul in Evolution,

We continue looking deeply into our soul’s evolution this week as I explore with you the subconscious mind. As you watch the video this week, have your Spiritual Power Tools book nearby. I refer to the iceberg image on page 28.

You are on a vast journey that encompasses more than you have been aware of before now. Today, I take you deep into the understanding of your subconscious mind and how to work with the subconscious pieces more consciously. Soul evolution is about understanding your whole self, clearing out the subconscious storehouse, and allowing more of your I AM Presence within you to come forth. The clearing happens in conjunction with the awakening to your God Self, so it is important for you to understand how the process works.

Thank you for sticking with this journey. Thank you for cooperating with your soul. It’s not easy work sometimes, but it’s worth it to awaken as much as you can in this lifetime, so you can awaken even faster in your next life.

You have my support. If you feel stuck or have questions the information in these videos, please email them to me. It is my joy and desire to support your awakening.

As you take in the information in this video this week, all of my love and energy is with you.

Jane Elizabeth