Beloved Soul in Evolution,

We are moving forward with diligence and enthusiasm, taking responsibility for our soul’s evolution. It takes a lot of effort and persistence to awaken and find that God is the true Essence within us.

This week, I share with you the benefits—the payoff—for your dedication and commitment to this journey. A few are: a lighter emotional load, stronger intuition, and clearer ability to discern what is in the best interest of your soul, and the souls for whom you are responsible.

Watch my video for more advantages of the spiritual journey, and share with me any thoughts you have about your own process. I am here to support you with the difficulties of this journey, as well as with the beautiful experiences that come to you because of your work to awaken. Share this video with anyone you feel would be open to the information given here.

I give you my infinite love, strength and courage, to tap into anytime you need to!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth