Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I received many emails this week asking more about the third eye, so I am addressing that topic this week, in the first part of this week’s video. The intuition is an important aspect of your soul’s evolution. It is that part of you that helps you make wise decisions on your journey. Your intuition knows what is around the corner for you, and is worth taking the time and effort to develop!

I also address how most people think that their happiness exists in some acquirement, person or situation in the world. But the truth of your being is that everything you need is within you! As you awaken, you realize that people, things and situations come into your life to support you or challenge you–which also supports you. And just as there is a cost for the worldly things that can be desired, there is a cost for spiritual advancement: Your time, commitment, courage and desire. Your effort is the only thing that can buy your awakening!

This is why we all are here: to realize our oneness with God. The effort begins this moment. Your true happiness, joy, peace of mind, contentment are all within you! The Spiritual Power Tools are there to educate and support your journey right out of the third dimension, into the next dimension of yourself. Use them!

Let this video move you this week. The energy is here to support you as you do your daily work to go within and develop your third eye. You are a spiritual mountain-climber! When you need support, email me and I will do what I can to support you this week.

With my infinite love and support,

Jane Elizabeth