Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I am so happy to share with you this week my talk from the International New Thought Alliance World Conference that took place two weeks ago in Phoenix, Arizona.

You are a soul in evolution. In this video, I am speaking to an audience of mostly ministers; but no matter who you are, you have the responsibility and opportunity to awaken to your God-Self in this lifetime. Don’t become complacent with the spiritual understanding you have right now. There is always more to know about yourself, about the infinite God energy of which you are an intricate part.

As you watch this video, set aside your mind that wants to try to understand each word, and let the energy lift you into intuitive revelations, which lead to greater understandings about who you are in the essence we call God.

Share the video with someone you know who might resonate with it. And share with me your own experiences of it. I am here to support you–send your questions and comments anytime!

With my Infinite Love,

Jane Elizabeth