Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I hope you enjoyed your week renewing–or perhaps beginning–your daily meditation practice! If you have more questions about meditation, send them to me anytime!

This week, I am focusing on what can happen as we deepen our commitment to meditation. When you meditate, you are putting a whole new energy into your body temple. Meditation raises your vibration, which can cause changes in your physical body. Not everyone experiences this spiritual detoxification, but if you do, do not be alarmed—it is your body’s way of incorporating the new energy into your physical system.

In this video, I give some examples of ways spiritual detoxification can manifest. You can also find information in your Spiritual Power Tools book on page 34. There is an entire chapter dedicated to this subject.

Have you ever experienced spiritual detoxification? How did it show up for you? Were you able to identify that what you were experiencing was your body spiritually detoxifying? Email me about your experiences. You may share something that will help others experiencing spiritual detoxification.

If you are not sure whether something you have experienced is spiritual detoxification or not, describe your experience to me and I will be able to help explain what has happened to you.

On your spiritual journey, you will have an array of new experiences! My goal is to offer as much awareness as possible in these video lessons and on the Center for Enlightenment website to help you every step of the way.

You have my love and support always, and I am here for you.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth