Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I hope you have enjoyed my videos on breaking illusions these last few weeks. I am sure you have been noticing illusions in your life that you have had to release, which then opened you to a wider perspective on the Reality of who you are.

This week, I am responding to questions many of you have emailed to me regarding what happens after we die. You are doing all of this spiritual work in this lifetime–what happens when you leave your body?

I go into depth answering this in this video. After this life is over for you, you will review your life. Did you do everything you could to support your soul’s awakening? Did you forgive? Do you have desires leftover?

I present here a fun little scenario to give you an example of what happens after you leave this body, and as you prepare for a new lifetime. Enjoy this lesson and see how you might better prepare for your next lifetime!

If you have questions that arise, feel free to email me. I love these questions that are coming in! You can even share this video with a friend who you know is wondering about what life is all about.

With all my love to you on this exciting journey

Jane Elizabeth