Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As the seasons change around me, I am reminded of the Universal Plan for all souls moving forward in their evolutionary process.

In the video I chose for this week, I discuss the evolutionary process and how you fit into it. I remember when I first discovered that not only was I a soul evolving in this third dimension, I have even evolved through lesser dimensions to reach the third dimensional human consciousness–and so have you and every other soul that walks this journey!

Every individual consciousness has to evolve through the many levels of consciousness to reach humanhood. Then, each one begins to move beyond humanhood, to understand the opposites, the karmic law, and the many other Universal Laws that exist in the many dimensions of God Consciousness!

The wonderful thing about this whole journey is that you get to understand your ups and downs, why things happen to you, and what to do about it. You get to free yourself from the limited personality that thinks being human is the only thing that exists. But there’s so much more!

Enjoy this week’s video and share it with those who might be interested in this amazing process of the evolution of consciousness. Email me with any questions or comments you have. I enjoy hearing about your interest in this soul evolution adventure!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth