Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Early in this journey of awakening to Infinite Intelligence, I realized that there were rules to life that I didn’t previously know existed. I was playing a game–the Game of Life–without knowing how to play it!

In this week’s video, I am sharing with you what those rules are. The object of the game is to pay off your karma without creating new karma for yourself. Simple, but not always easy! This is how to work your way off the Karmic Law. It’s possible, and everyone will walk this journey at some time. Why not start now?

Take responsibility for your life, and make choices for yourself that are in your best interest! You know you have to walk outside of your comfort zone; otherwise, fear stops the game. Face your fears, understand where they come from, and move forward!

Enjoy this video, and learn how to score points! (Hint: Here’s the Karmic Scorecard to help you out.) It’s a fun way to look at this spiritual adventure. Feel free to share it with others who might be interested in knowing how to play this great Game–and win!

You have my love and support as you take your turn and support yourself!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth