Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How did you like thinking of your soul as having ingredients? You are indeed filled with ingredients from many lifetimes that support your spiritual understanding today!

In this week’s video, I am describing a bigger picture of evolution, finite to Infinite consciousness. Why are you here? Why have we all been created as individual, finite consciousness, only to grow “back” into full consciousness of God Beingness? And, how to we get there?

Desire is the biggest drive for God Consciousness because it drives you to know more about your finite self, all the way into awakening as Infinite Intelligence.

Let me take you on this Universal journey in this video. Share it with your friends who you feel would be open to it; and email me with your thoughts and questions. This is a big subject matter, and will naturally bring up questions. I am happy to support you.

Think of yourself as Infinite Consciousness this week. Take that into your meditation time and journal what comes up for you. Also, examine your desires. Do you desire spiritual understanding? What does that mean to you?

You are in my heart as you focus your desires on understanding your spiritual self as God Consciousness. It’s a process that takes time, intention and commitment. Let your desire lead you to your True Self!

With my Infinite Love,

Jane Elizabeth