Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Did you look closely at your desires this week? What did you discover about yourself?

In this video, I am taking you deeper with the importance and impact of your desires from one lifetime to the next. In fact, I have dedicated this year, 2014, to sharing information on the involution of consciousness; whereas, previous videos have focused on the evolution of consciousness. What happens when you are tired of the ups and downs of the human, third dimensional life? You begin the process of soul involution. This is my focus for the year.

Your experiences in each lifetime fulfill and create desires that then carry over into your next lifetime. The purpose of this desire-driven process is many-fold: To hone skills and balance energy of the opposites…until you are tired of it! Once you want to know your whole self in God, your desires get in the way of freeing yourself. This is one reason why it is important to be aware of your desires.

Enjoy this video as I give you some fun examples and as well as suggestions for understanding yourself as a soul in involution. Share with me your questions and experiences of this information. How can I support you in this incredible process?

With all my Love,

Jane Elizabeth