Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Since I have been sharing about the subconscious mind the past couple of weeks, revisiting the subject of karma is a natural next step.

In this week’s video, I talk with you about your karmic play, how you formed the play your in, and how to break the illusion of who you are–and who your karma makes you think you are!

Some of you will recognize my “Karmic Wheel” print. The wheel represents the karma of a lifetime–all the necessary pieces that create your karma in this lifetime. Everything that is happening in your life has been shaped by karma from previous lifetimes. Your job as a spiritual student is to help yourself get out of the illusion!

The first step to break that illusion is to desire it. You must desire to break free from the bondage of karma–and it is a bondage! Karma includes your karmic debt that you must pay back, or forgive, release and let go. It is not good or bad–it is just the way the third dimension operates. In this video, I talk about it like a credit card. I hope you enjoy this analogy that I paint for you.

The karmic wheel image also represents the spiritual evolutionary process. Every soul has evolved through different levels of consciousness, from stone to plant to animal to human. When you reach the point of wanting to get off that karmic wheel, you begin to think inwardly; you slowly end your evolution and begin your involution.

Involution is a long process, and you are on your way! You can use your present karmic situations to support you on the way. Meditate, forgive, be honest with yourself, listen to your intuition. Focusing on your inner process will help you break free from the illusions of the karmic wheel.

Enjoy this video, and watch it several times. There is a lot of information here that deserves your time and presence. Email me any questions you may have. I am always glad to hear from you!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth