Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I talk to you so much about your spiritual journey from humanhood to Godhood because it is the journey that you are on. There are many aspects to this awakening, and you won’t get it all done in one lifetime; but you are on your way, learning one step at a time. This week’s video continues this exploration into the truth of you.

In the third dimension, you are filled with desires that come and go, and seldom leave you with anything to show for them. When you have a desire for moving into the fourth dimension, you will release third dimensional desires and find out who you truly are–the pure essence of your being, which has always been with you.

This is a long, arduous journey to uncover the pure essence of your being. You have come through a lengthy process of soul evolution to get to the point where you are today. Now is your time to dissolve into the Infinite. You have everything you need within you, Infinite Intelligence, to express a greater part of who you truly are.

Your desire will keep you moving up the spiritual journey mountain, because once you start, you can’t go back! Your old ways of engaging the third dimension will no longer satisfy you. Support your soul. Cooperate with your awakening. The real part of you is waiting for you to desire, climb, awaken.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

1. What tools have supported you the most on your spiritual journey thus far?

2. How has your understanding of soul evolution changed since you began this study?

3. How does the snowflake metaphor (in the video) relate to your spiritual journey?

4. What does “Everything is consciousness” mean to you?

5. When you notice you have strayed from your spiritual purpose, how do you refocus yourself?

6. How do you support higher consciousness in the world?

You have my sincere support and gratitude as you work these concepts into your consciousness, allowing them to work with you as you awaken to that pure essence of your being.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth