Beloved Soul in Evolution,

You are in an awakening process, which is a place on your soul’s evolution where you have never been before. Sometimes the journey gets tough, and you may notice yourself wavering in your perseverance. When that happens, get out your Spiritual Power Tools book, because there is a lot of support there for this difficult and amazing journey you are on!

The first thing to do is to recommit to your spiritual journey. Recommit as many times as you need to. Give yourself affirming and encouraging statements to help yourself keep going.

Stop the merry-go-round in your head. Don’t indulge it; don’t let it take you on a ride. Every time you stop the merry-go-round, you are supporting yourself. Your vigilance with this practice helps you be your Observer Self, and break faulty patterns that have been around for a long time.

Meditation is necessary, and the harder you feel things are, the more meditation will help you. Meditate every day, and then push yourself to meditate a little longer. This is how you receive your answers and support, how to see things differently than you usually do.

Ask for guidance when you are wrestling with yourself. You are supported on this journey, even when you think you are left all alone. You are supported! Ask for that wise and courageous part of you to come forth and help you.

Forgiveness always helps. You can find support with this through the “Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions”, which you can find in your Spiritual Power Tools book.

Acknowledge the center of enlightenment within yourself. There is a core in you that wants to do this work, and will support you on every step. Appreciate yourself and the effort you make. Do the best you can, and let go of the results.

Remember that you are moving from one dimension to a whole new dimension with new ways of operating which are very different from old ways you learned in other lifetimes. You will have to push yourself because it is a hard journey–but worth it!

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

1. What is the most difficult part of this spiritual journey for you?

2. Practice “stopping the merry-go-round in your head” this week. What helped you quiet your mind the most?

3. By now, you have established a daily meditation routine. How does your meditation support you every day?

4. What is your process for asking for guidance? Do you journal? Ask silently in meditation? How does that work for you?

5. What does the “center for enlightenment within you” mean to you?

6. How does the fourth dimension show up as a new way of being in your life?

Every choice you make in cooperation of what your soul needs in the moment, opens you to new possibilities in your life and in your consciousness. You have my support through every choice and every step!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth