Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How did your week go, releasing your disappointments and difficulties from 2015? You may find that you have other situations to add to that step as you continue this process.

In this week’s video and journaling questions, you have the opportunity to look at your hopes and dreams from the year, to re-evaluate your priorities, and take only your deepest, most sincere soul desires into the new year.

Your hopes and dreams have an energy that gets “recorded” in the Universe, and those desires will, at some point, be fulfilled. Releasing your lesser desires from the year, helps to give your spiritual desires power that will help them come to fruition. These are the only desires worth carrying forward.

The third dimension entraps you with desires embedded in the opposites–sometimes they produce happiness, but the nature of opposites inevitably brings disappointment. The third dimension is rigged with opposites so you don’t get stuck there! Your soul knows this, and pushes you from within to move beyond those opposites, into the next dimension of your Self.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

1. What were your hopes and dreams for this year?

2. How did you hope the year would end?

3. What remains unfulfilled?

4. What from the video stood out to you, and is helping you release the year?

What are your hopes and dreams from this year? Consider them, release the lesser desires, and use that energy to fuel the most important desire of your soul. I am with you all the way as you do this work to give yourself a new 2016–and so are many Soul Evolutionists like yourself!

With all my love,