Beloved Soul in Evolution,

What are you releasing for Lent to support your soul’s evolution? Are you meditating more? Making a commitment to journal a little every day? Practicing being in the present moment throughout the day? Any effort you make will help you take a big step forward at Easter!

In this week’s video, I share with you about Jesus’ evolution into his own experience of his fourth dimensional consciousness, which is also called Christ Consciousness, among other titles.

We each have a journey to take, and every enlightened being has gone through a journey of awakening. Usually we only hear about the awakening part of that journey, but every God-realized being has gone through the process that you are going through.

This is your destiny: To move out of humanhood and into your full spiritual expression, one step at a time.

Watch this week’s video and see what resonates with you. How is your journey of awakening moving you more toward knowing your whole Self? You are not alone–not ever. Many have gone before you. Your desire and courage will support you as you walk this journey, step by step, that other awakened beings have also walked. You are supported.

I’d love to hear how your Lenten season is going. I am always supporting you,

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth