Beloved Soul in Evolution,

We are moving toward Easter, and your soul is calling out to become a greater part of you! In this week’s video, I am talking about the “God Computer”–a visual I used throughout my journey to connect to my Higher Self when I didn’t know how. I would visualize myself tapping into the great computer of Infinite Intelligence, much as we can tap into information through the internet.

There is so much talk about how wonderful it is to connect with your Higher Self, but no one tells you how to do it. This is why I wrote Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul. I didn’t know how to get answers on my spiritual quest. I didn’t know how to connect to my intuition, but I knew I had to do it.

Then there were times when I did connect to my Higher Self and received answers–but I didn’t like the answers I received! That was a problem! I had to learn that if I journal about why I didn’t want a particular answer, I would receive more understanding to help me accept the answers that came to me.

This journey is about turning old thinking upside down: To move from the personality using you, to your soul using the personality self to further wake up and take responsibility for your spiritual growth. And that is a journey worth taking more than anything else you could possibly want on this limited earth.

Enjoy this week’s video and listen for what is speaking to you. What part of this video quickens you and gives you answers you’ve been looking for during this time of Lent? Your answers will come. Listen and be open to your answer–not your personality’s answer, the answer from your Higher Self that loves you and wants to wake you up!

You are loved and supported every step of your journey, and you are certainly not alone. Keep on moving on!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth