Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As we approach Easter, how has your Lenten commitment supported you, and how have you supported your commitment?

I am re-sharing this week’s video because I am talking with you about purifying yourself, and going beyond your little “I”. Your Infinite “I” has been with you for eons of time, all throughout your evolution to this very moment. It is supporting you every step of your purification process that is a wonderful, difficult, and necessary part of the journey.

You are not alone! Remember that Jesus had to purify himself–as do all of the great spiritual Leaders–in order to to accomplish his mission for humanity as he did. It culminated in his Good Friday experience, leading into his great demonstration a few days later. But first he had to cross out his humanhood in order to move into his God Self. You don’t have to be crucified, but the little “I” does in its own way.

Everything you encounter on this journey exists to help you release that limited self–those limited, past-life consciousness that are carried around in your subconscious mind. Once I learned that, I started cooperating more with all those outer situations that I–my little “I”–didn’t like. I realized that this is a journey of purification, and I began to understand stinky, old patterns from other lifetimes that manifested in my personality self that was Jane.

I had to learn to think beyond my limited myself, and this is where you are now. Your efforts on this journey of Self-realization will take you right out of your humanhood and into your True Essence where you are one with everything.

Watch this week’s video and meditate on these ideas before Easter. Feel free to share your comments, questions and thoughts about what you hear. I love hearing from you–I receive every one of your comments! And I am here to support you.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth,