Beloved Soul in Evolution,

After you pay attention to your deep desire for more than this third dimensional world, commitment is the next key to taking responsibility for your soul.

Once you recognize the importance of generating sufficient desire energy to begin to move your spiritual progress forward, then you must back that aspiration up with a sincere and consistent commitment to your soul growth. Accept your responsibility. Stay on the spiritual path through good and bad, thick or thin, no matter what. Don’t just take it easy. Move past complacency. Your work now is to unstick yourself!

When you have a strong desire to know your real Self in God, the next step is to make a commitment to consciously participate in our soul’s evolution. This powerful request will resonate throughout the universe and will begin the process that will reprioritize and restructure everything within your world.

Remember that without a strong commitment, nothing can be accomplished. Your personal determination is the driving force that will propel you forward toward your spiritual goal.

Watch this week’s video on desire and commitment, then journal your responses to the questions below. Feel free to share your questions with me, in your journal, or with a spiritual friend of like mind. These questions are for your own spiritual progress, but remember that you are supported by Infinite Love and Wisdom.

1) Are you ready to make this commitment to your higher Self?

2) Now that you know that you have a soul and desire to be a spiritual student, what growth issues are you starting to see as you observe yourself?

3) What are some of the lesser desires that you see that you need to let go of in order to make progress on your spiritual journey?

4) What are some of the limited ways that you judge others?

5) What are some of the ways (pastimes, habits, escapes) that you use to try to avoid looking at yourself?

6) Are you surprised by anything that you have seen there?

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth