Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Perhaps by now you can see how important desire is on the spiritual journey–desire to know your whole self more than you desire anything else!

The spiritual journey does not consist of gaining material goods, but uncovering the Truth of your Being. How is this accomplished? By continually desiring to know your real, eternal Self. When you discover that Self, you find God, Infinite Love and Intelligence, in the midst of YOU! It is well worth your effort, and worth relinquishing all lesser desires. You will continue to reincarnate until you discover this Truth of your being.

Your desires come not only from this lifetime, but other lives as well. My own desire for God, as I understood it at the time, led to my deep commitment to my spiritual journey. In this week’s video, I share some examples of other past life personalities to show how who and what I am now is an accumulation of desires from past lives.

Desire to evolve your soul and let that desire propel you forward! Watch this week’s video and journal your own responses to the questions below.

Remember, you can share your thoughts with me by simply replying to this email, or use these questions for your own inner reflection–or both! I support you in going deeper into your inner gold mine!

1) What do you think about Jane Elizabeth saying that her desire for God in a past life, and then her ongoing commitment through several subsequent lifetimes, led to her accelerated spiritual growth in this one? How might this apply to you?

2) If you have been through many lifetimes, and those past-life desires have created what you are experiencing right now, what kinds of desires must you have had that led you to where you are spiritually today?

3) What kinds of religions, spiritual teachings and forms of worship have you been attracted to in this lifetime? Which ones have you felt an aversion toward? What does that tell you about your possible past life involvement with spiritual desires?

4) In this present lifetime, when did you set your commitment to spiritual growth into motion? What was your desire thought (“I want to know God” “I want to experience Oneness”) and what circumstances led to it?

5) What disappointments and difficulties have led you into making the spiritual choices that you have made?

6) How willing are you right now to let go of some of your lesser ego desires to grab hold of your greatest spiritual desire? What are some of them?

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth