Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As you have learned, a desire to know your true Self is necessary to move into your next level of consciousness. Take a moment to ponder and review all that you know about this part of your spiritual journey.

First, there can often be a defining moment that thrusts you onto the spiritual path. For some, the pain of an experience can make it intolerable to remain stuck in the third dimensional limited reality. This heightened level of discomfort actually irritates the soul sufficiently to begin the creation of a “pearl of great price” within the self: the development of a fourth-dimensional or higher spiritual consciousness.

For others, that desire was initially generated in a prior lifetime, and circumstances in this one were merely necessary to awaken that desire. When I was five years old, I responded to my grandmother singing the old hymn “In the Garden”, especially the line “He walks with me and he talks with me”. I said to her, “God is going to talk to me, Grandma”. I already had existing desire to know and develop my spiritual capabilities.

This is a good time for you to review how your desire got generated, and what it will take to keep it alive. Watch this week’s video, then answer the following questions.

1) What was your first inkling of that inner desire to grow spiritually OR “know God”? Was it inspired by a deep sense of dissatisfaction based in addictive behavior (substance abuse, codependency, habitual behavior)? Did you come into this lifetime with that burning desire? When did you first notice it? How did you define it then and how do you see it differently now?

2) What false or limited religious definitions did you have to overcome along the way? What have you been taught that made you go “there has to be another answer, another way, something more”?

3) What spiritual or other help came forward to support you as you first began that journey? What has come forward to support you since? Recently?

4) What kind of response did you get, positively or negatively , to your early expressions of that desire?

5) Why is a deep, passionate, burning desire important for you to develop your soul awareness?

6) In what way have you developed the ability to love that was needed to grow in this way, spiritually? What more is needed by you to learn how to love?

Share your responses with me by replying to this email, or with a close, spiritual friend in your life. How can you support each other in developing your spiritual desire?

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth