Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How are you doing exploring and working with your inner voice? In this week’s video and journaling questions, I share with you more about how necessary meditation is for your spiritual awakening.

The story of your spiritual journey is the story of the evolution of your soul. Only when you make a conscious effort to take responsibility for that evolution, can you really advance in spiritual understanding. By taking responsibility, you will change your life and become more of who you are.

Your personality is a shell that covers up your soul essence, the center for enlightenment that is within you, which now takes second place to your personality. But there comes a time in your evolution when you begin to put your personality aside and let the soul become its master. How can you support your soul as it begins to take precedence over your personality? By going within and quieting your mind.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1) Your soul is that part of you that is unlimited. What makes you so often feel limited?

2) How can you get out of the little personality box that encases your soul? What changes are you making within yourself to do so?

3) How have you had to move out of who you thought you were and what you thought was most important in your life?

4) How does meditation help to change your consciousness, to open you up and help you to embrace the whole potential of who you are?

5) How does meditation help you to take responsibility for the evolution of your soul? What changes have you noticed in yourself?

6) When did you feel that this spiritual journey would be a kind of magical, easy trip, where you would just do a few things and everything would miraculously get better or you would receive spiritual powers? When and how did you get over this? What taught you that there was something more for you to do?

This journey of cooperating with your soul as you master the ego self takes commitment and effort on your part. You will be supported as you do your part to quiet your mind and listen within. I am supporting you always.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth