Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As we continue exploring the journey within in this week’s video, it’s important to revisit the process of moving through the subconscious mind. This is where past emotional pain and faulty thinking is stored–which keeps the human mind and personality self stuck in old patterns.

What is the relationship between your conscious and subconscious mind? Just as an iceberg only shows 1/10 of itself above the surface of the water, hiding a vast expanse of ice that is concealed beneath that surface, only 1/10 of your mind is conscious and the other hidden 9/10 is subconscious. Your 9/10 subconscious mind is where you store all of the energy and information of your karma, and it profoundly affects the consciousness that you are in at any given time.

You are on a vast journey that encompasses more than you have been aware of before now. How can you work with these subconscious pieces more consciously? Soul evolution is about understanding your whole self, clearing out the subconscious storehouse, and allowing more of the I AM Presence within you to come forth. These little pieces of subconscious material, mostly rooted in past lifetimes, are floating up into your conscious mind all of the time, but until now, you have been unaware of them.
Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:
1) What kinds of information do think is stored in your subconscious mind? When have you been aware of accessing it?
2) Have you ever successfully put your actively thinking conscious mind “up on a shelf” and gotten quiet enough to find out what is underneath and beyond it? What happened?
3) What prevents you from accessing your subconscious mind? How can you lift the veil and release the information that is stored there?
4) What good is it to find out what is in your subconscious mind? How might past life information help you right now? What is happening in your life that might make more sense in the light of past lifetimes?
5) Have you had any revelations about a past lifetime? If not, do you want to?
6) What is a life plan? What do you know or think about your current life plan? How do you think it is going for you?

Your whole Self is waiting to be uncovered! It’s worth your time and effort. My love is with you always.

With all my love,
Jane Elizabeth