Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Energy from the universe supports you in taking responsibility for your spiritual growth and making changes that support your soul’s awakening.

The change in the third dimension is in the opposites, just as any other action and reaction. Change happens, and continues to happen as you grow and evolve. Your power comes in moving with the change, staying above a five on the Spiritual Thermometer, and allowing that change to provide the opportunity to strengthen the God Self that you are.

View this week’s video, recorded eight years ago. See how it moves you and what it brings up for you. Think about how you are going to use that to rise above the third dimensional, human response, and strive toward the fourth dimensional vision of your Higher Self.

After you watch the video, journal your responses to the questions below:

1. We are all changing, all the time. What changes are you presented with right now?

2. What are you doing to be in harmony with your change(s)?

3. In what ways are you experiencing the joy of your changes?

4. How are you holding the vibration of healing for all souls as they go through their changes?

5. What else stood out to you in this video?

Change is always happening, and it needs to so that you can express the highest part of you at any given moment!

With my Infinite Love,

Jane Elizabeth