Beloved Soul in Evolution,

It’s that time of year again! Time to release the energy from this year to prepare yourself for the new year using the Seven Steps for Releasing the Year process.

In this week’s video, we begin this process with Step 4: Disappointments and Difficulties. Taking time to look at your Disappointments and Difficulties from this year helps to release thoughtforms–decisions, attitudes, disappointments, anger, and resentment from the year. Even if you had a wonderful year, it’s important to recognize the little challenges along the way.

Thoughtforms have energy that sits in your consciousness, potentially blocking you from your greater good in your new year. They keep you going back and forth in the opposites, and reacting from false concepts from the past.

By working this process, you release these limiting thoughtforms, and move into the new year with a clear slate, open to new opportunities in the new year.

Watch this week’s video and let it guide you on this first step of releasing the year. Then journal your responses to the following questions:

1. What do you feel most disappointed about regarding this year?

2. What is the most difficult thing you had to do this year?

3. What decisions, attitudes, and beliefs do you have about the year?

4. How are these decisions affecting your life?

5. What else stood out for you from this video that is helping you release this year?

You are joining many other courageous Soul Evolutionists in releasing the year right now. Ride the wave of release with us, as we move into 2017 with a new perspective!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth