Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As you continue to work with your spiritual commitment for Lent–adding to your daily spiritual discipline something that will give your awakening an extra boost–remember that you are supported by the light and vibration that strengthens this time of year, leading up to Easter morning.

Use your Observer Self to watch your thoughts and actions, and support yourself in moving towards a greater alignment with your soul. Watch to see if you are being controlled by subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and past experiences; or by the inner promptings of your Higher Self.

View the following videos (two brief videos this week), then journal your responses to the questions below:

How to Support Your New Year Commitments

What Does Lent Mean to the Soul Evolutionist?

1. How have you been supported by your Lenten commitment so far?

2. How does being your own best friend show up for you?

3. Where in your life is your subconscious driving you right now?

4. How do you use your Observer Self to manage your thoughts and actions, so your conscious soul is driving you rather than your subconscious?

5. How else are you positively supporting your spiritual goals?

6. How did the information in these videos support you this week?

I am supporting you throughout the energy push leading up to Easter morning!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth