Beloved Soul in Evolution,

When was the last time you contemplated your soul’s entire evolutionary process? Your piece of consciousness has gone through many, many stages of consciousness, expanding in awareness and third dimensional expression exponentially at each step on your journey.

Throughout your evolutionary journey, you have been gaining impressions, thoughtforms, along the way. These have shaped who you are today. In the midst of those impressions, you have the essence of Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Consciousness.

A lot goes into your human incarnations. You have put in a lot of effort to be the human being you are today! In this lifetime, you have decided to open to and explore your next step: your spiritual beingness. You have built spiritual momentum that is starting to support your awakening to your soul as part of the Infinite–the fourth dimension.

You have helped to create your spiritual awakening. You chose this life to move forward, and everything in your life exists to support this awakening. You are in the process of taking full responsibility for your spiritual self. This is where the work truly begins!

Watch this week’s video and journal your responses to the following questions:

1) How does it help you today to remember the long evolutionary journey you have been on for eons?

2) At what point on your journey did you become aware of the many evolutionary steps you have evolved through, starting from the smallest speck of consciousness?

3) What does it mean to you to take full responsibility for your spiritual self?

4) Write about a time when you successfully took responsibility for something that belonged to you on your journey.

5) What are you working on taking responsibility for right now?

6) How are you supporting yourself in being responsible for that situation?

Feel free to share your insights with me! Hearing from you helps me to support you even more!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth