Beloved Soul in Evolution,

We are continuing our exploration of Love this week. How was your experience of observing the difference between human love, that is bound to the opposites, and Real Love, that is beyond love and sorrow?

There are many aspects of love. You may be most familiar with human love, but as you grown into Infinite Consciousness, you will learn many aspects of higher, unconditional Love.

Love is a vibration, and your experience of higher Love comes from clearing yourself from your lesser understanding of love. Then you are moved into a higher vibration from which you begin to understand those higher aspects of Love.

Love is part of your DNA. It is waiting for you to open up to it, and stand up for it within yourself. You have the full consciousness of Infinite Intelligence within you, but you have to stop what you are doing now, look at your life, and make the changes necessary to love more.

View this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions:

1. How in this lifetime have you tried to get human love to fulfill what you felt you were missing in life?

2. How are you practicing “real love”?

3. How has your understanding of love changed since you started your conscious spiritual journey?

4. How do you forget yourself in the midst of giving real love?

5. How is forgiveness a part of real love?

6. How did the information in this video support you this week?

I hold you in Love always! What are you learning about yourself and how you see love?

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth