Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Awakening to Infinite Consciousness is like having a veil lifted. Your desire for your spiritual growth is a message that you are sending to the Universe that you want to change and grow. That energy and vibration goes out and touches others, as well as draws support to you from within.

Moving from the third dimension, with all of its ups and downs, requires you to grow and change into something more than you have been. Sometimes this road can be difficult, but you have the support of the storehouse of Universal Wisdom, and that of your Teachers working with you from the other side. You are important to the Universe–a powerful addition to the consciousness of humanity!

Read Chapter 4 in your Spiritual Power Tools book, “Moving from the Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimension”.

Look over your plan from this lifetime and think about the many aspects of your life. Doing this will help your efforts in moving beyond the limited self.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1. Write about your life plan: Your parents, siblings, family, work, and other aspects and experiences from your life.

2. What desires have been supported?

3. What resentments have been brought up for you to heal?

4. How have all of these experiences supported your spiritual journey?

5. What else resonated with you from this video?

Looking at your life plan will help you see where you are going and how to support yourself along the way. You always have my support on your journey!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth