Welcome to the Self Study Lesson on Alignment. There are several lessons on this topic below. Take as long as you want on each lesson, focusing on the action step at the end.  Then, go to the next lesson.


Lesson 1: What is Alignment?

Q: What does being in alignment mean?
A: It means being connected with your Higher Self, your Infinite Self. During this process, there is a bridge established between the personality self and the Real Self.

Q: What happens when I am aligned?
A: When aligned, your personality (finite self) becomes less important and the Infinite Self is liberated to take charge. We then become conscious of all aspects of our beingness, our Infinite Self.

Q. Does the alignment process ever stop?
A: No. It is an ongoing process as you advance in your awareness.

Q: Who is responsible for my spiritual alignment?
A: You are the only one who has the power to realign yourself. This is your personal journey into the Infinite.

Q: How is spiritual alignment a step-by-step process?
A: With every step you take, you are being realigned. This all has a purpose. Eventually, you are going to feel that realignment and then be able to move forward. This is an ongoing process because you can only take in so much understanding at any one moment in time and space. But it builds.

Action Step: Recite the “Prescription for Spiritual Alignment” three times a day:

Prescription for Spiritual Alignment

“I am aligned with the Presence of God within.
I am protected by God’s Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and Grace.
The God Consciousness within helps me discover more about who I am.
Thank you, God, for the gift of Spiritual Intuition.
Thank you, God, for aligning my conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind.”




Lesson 2: Meditation Supports Alignment

Q: How do I become more aligned?
A: Meditation is the single most important action you can take. As you meditate, you build a bridge or a line of communication between your finite self and your Infinite Self. In this way you can receive guidance that brings you into alignment with the Truth of Your Being.

Q: How does meditation help me align myself?
A: Meditation is a technique of the mind which produces the correct alignment with your Infinite Self.

Action to take:
· Reaffirm your commitment to your spiritual journey.
· Meditate at the same time every day.
· Observe your thinking and vigilantly protect the bridge to your Infinite Self.
· Confront your emotional patterns through journaling.
· When in doubt, forgive!
· Ask for guidance and listen for answers.
· Don’t dwell on the past or fret about the future. Remain powerfully present in the moment.
· Recite the “Prescription for Spiritual Alignment” three times a day.

For further support, refer to Spiritual Power Tools, Chapter Three, “Meditation”.



Lesson 3: Commitment and Desire

Q. Why are commitment and desire so important for my process of alignment?
A. Your desire for your spiritual alignment adds power and energy to your spiritual journey. The effort that you put forth daily into your spiritual practice is returned to you one-thousandfold! If you replace third-dimensional desires with the
single fourth-dimensional passion to know your Infinite Self, your one-pointed focus will assure your success.

For additional support, watch this video:

Q: How does my will support my alignment?
A: Your will is a powerful energy. And that energy will move you forward because you are working with your Higher Self, which has the goal of becoming infinitely conscious.

Action Step: Focus your will with this statement: “I will to know the Truth of My Being.”

Q. What happens as I become more aligned with my Infinite Self?
A. As you let go of the ego desires that distract you from your spiritual journey, you are empowered to move forward!

Action Step: Ask for guidance to understand what is keeping you stuck. Is it your ego that you are identifying with and not your spiritual self? Ask to be shown what you are not seeing.

For further support, watch this video:

Q: How does observing my ego help me to become spiritually aligned?
A: By observing your limited self, your personality will have less hold on you, and you will begin to see things from a new vantage point.




Lesson 4: Habits and Distractions

Q: How can I overcome bad habits and align with the Truth of my Being?
A: There are many things in your subconscious that you mistakenly thought would make you happy. We all have things that distract us, such as television, texting, looking on social media, or whatever it is. When you become obsessed with those habits, you have to consciously break them and then the alignment comes.

Q: Why is it important to become aware of distractions?
A: This will enable you to let go of your attachments. Attachments keep you stuck in old patterns. The Active Observer is free from attachments and can help you release things you are holding onto out of fear, anger, or material, emotional, or mental desires.

Action Step: 
For further support, Spiritual Power Tool #4: “Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions”, which will help you in this process.

Use this “Seven Steps” meditation to support your soul (scroll to the bottom of the linked page).



Lesson 5: Tools for Realignment

Q: How does my Observer Self support my process of alignment?
A: The Observer Self:

· Gets you out of labeling your behaviors as good or bad.
· Neutralizes your reactions to yourself and your behaviors
· Provides awareness of your spiritual alignment
· Helps you become conscious and aligned with your Infinite Self.

Q: How does spiritual alignment keep me going in the right direction?
A: Just as a compass gives you direction and shows you where you are going, the Observer Self interprets whether you are moving in the right direction that supports your Infinite Self. The Observer Self is that part of you that supports your
realignment with the Truth of Your Being.

Q: How does my intuition help me with spiritual alignment?

A: During meditation, your intuition goes to work to reveal the subconscious blocks that keep you from spiritual enlightenment. These insights give you a new understanding of the Truth of Your Being.

Action Step: For further support, refer to Spiritual Power Tool #7: “Guidance”, which will help you in this process.

Q: Why is journaling important for spiritual alignment?
A: Journaling can get you to the root of a problem quicker than talking about it. Journaling will reveal your muddled motives and chaotic circumstances.

For further support, refer to Spiritual Power Tool #2, “Journaling” which will help you in this process.

The Self Study Lessons are designed to support your journey every step of the way. You will find it helpful to return and review these lessons. Center for Enlightenment is your storehouse for wisdom and support for you!