Three Qualities of Intuition

Intuition supports our higher consciousness. It is well worth our time and effort to develop our intuition because it is the gateway to the truth of our being. The three qualities of intuition are: illumination, understanding and love. These three aspects, when...

We Are the Light of the World!

We are the light of the world. How is that possible? In every atom of our body is a point of light. We all have light glowing inside of us waiting to be discovered. Once tapped, this reservoir of energy gets magnetized and brings forth new understandings and ideas and...

Innocence: The Truth of Our Being

Innocence: The truth of our Being. Who can encapsulate it when it is so vast? Yet nothing can be taken from or added to it. Our purpose is to illuminate its presence in our consciousness, which is just waiting to be exposed. As we tirelessly pursue it with child-like...

Seek to Know Your True Self

Every religious faith holds out the promise that those who seek with earnestness shall find that which they are seeking; let us therefore seek to know our True Self and discover God in the mist of us. Ponder on this.

Weed Out All Other Desires–Except One

By opening our hearts and weeding out all desires except for the one and only true desire–which is desiring and longing for union with the ultimate reality, God–we become one with our Infinite Intelligence. Ponder on this.