This CD is specifically designed to help you release aspects of yourself so you can be open to more contact from your soul, and to open to greater possibilities in your life! Jane Hart explains how to use the Seven Step process to improve the most important relationship in your life: the one with yourself. Free mp3 download. (10 mp3 tracks)

Right click on each track to download Seven Steps for Creating a New You! and save to your computer or mp3 player.

Track 1: Taking Steps in Consciousness

Track 2: The Unfoldment of the Seven Step Process

Track 3: Step 1: Gratitude and Acceptance

Track 4: Step 2: Good Times

Track 5: Step 3: Unfulfilled Hopes and Missed Opportunities

Track 6: Step 4: Disappointments and Difficulties

Track 7: Step 5: Forgiveness

Track 8: Step 6: Review and Release

Track 9: Participating in Your Soul’s Evolution

Track 10: Step Seven: Completion and Seven Step Meditation